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The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Hits the Big Screen

September 7, 2017 admin 0


A few days ago, in a great hall of events in South Los Angeles, the Wonder Woman did not feel so wonderful. Gal Gadot had injured his back and moved with difficulty. “I made a wrong turn,” said the 32-year-old Israeli actress.

Despite the discomfort, Gadot braced himself to confront an army of journalists from around the world who had gathered to talk to her about her experience of bringing the iconic character to the big screen for the first time.
Her face may be unfamiliar to the Colombian public, except for fans of the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise, in which she has appeared three times, but Gadot is a star in her native Israel, where she was crowned national queen In 2004 and where she has starred in several advertising campaigns for fashion brands.

Her military past (she served two years in the Israeli army) combined with her beauty and talent made her the perfect choice to play the warrior descended from the Greek gods that becomes the Wonder Woman.

Critics seem to agree with the selection, because according to early reviews, this is the best within the universe of DC Comics that Warner Brothers has set out to revive the hand of director Zack Snyder.

The film will be released in Colombia on Thursday, June 1st. These are edited apart from what Gadot told about his experience. Patty Jenkins (the director) told us that you are Wonder Woman both on and off the screen …

I am very flattered by that. I do not know what to say, it’s weird to say, ‘Yes, I’m a great person’. I love Patty, really, and I think we have a great chemistry and that we not only combine on a professional level, but on a personal level and that made this whole process very easy. Because it was very intense. I prepared for almost five or six months, then we rolled for another six months, six days a week.


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Jennifer Lopez and other Celebrities Criticized for their Excess of Photoshop

August 6, 2017 admin 0


This talented singer and actress has been recognized in the world of fame thanks to her participation in productions such as ‘Selena’, ‘Out of sight’ and ‘The Wedding

Planer’. However, after a posting on her Instagram account, it has been speculated that the artist frequently uses Photoshop to retouch her images. Judge for yourself.

Katy Perry

began her artistic career with productions such as ‘Hot n Cold’, ‘Roar’ and ‘Firework’ and has participated in events such as the 56th Grammy Awards and the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016. Of being a worldwide phenomenon, this artist does not escape its touch with Photoshop as it appears in the edition that made her photo for the cover of the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’.

Justin Bieber

The Bieber phenomenon has infected more than one around the world. The singer has also participated in productions like ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ and his own documentary, ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’. In the image for one of the advertising campaigns of Calvin Klein you can see the finishing touches to which your photo was submitted.

Kim Kardashian

This renowned model and entrepreneur has been a trend in social networks thanks to her participation in the television series ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, a production in which the daily life of this famous family of the United States is filmed. In the photograph that the artist published in her account of Instagram is evident how the photo retouched, since at the height of her waist the door has a strange curve.

Megan Fox

This American actress is one of the most sensual women in the world and Hollywood. She is recognized for her role in productions such as ‘Holiday in the Sun’, ‘Two Rebel Policemen II’ and one of the most recognized: ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’. Although its beauty attracts more than one, the image shows the changes to which are subjected their photos after applying touch-ups.


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Daniel Day-Lewis’s Latest Movie to Hit Theaters in December

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After announcing this week the definitive withdrawal of the film from the legendary actor Daniel Day-Lewis – winner of three Oscars – it was announced that by the end of this year will be released the last film in which acted the Anglo-Irish 60 years.

The film is called “Phantom Thread” by director Paul Thomas Anderson on the world of fashion in the 1950s, and will be released on December 25th. In this film, written by Thomas Anderson himself, Day-Lewis is part of a cast that also features Lesley Manville and Camilla Rutherford.

Precisely, Day-Lewis won his second Oscar for ‘There Will be Blood’, work of Thomas Anderson. The announcement of the actor’s withdrawal was released Tuesday in a statement by spokesman Leslee Dart, quoted by the magazine Variety.

“He is immensely grateful to all his collaborators and the public who followed him for so many years,” said the spokeswoman. “This is a private decision and neither he nor his representatives will make any further comment on this issue,” he added.

Day-Lewis, a master of acting method known for being very selective with his roles, has been the only actor to win the Oscar three times for a leading role. I act in the tapes ‘My left foot’ – with which it obtained his first Oscar -, In the name of the father, ‘Gangs of New York’ and ‘Lincoln’.


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‘Alien Covenant’ Returns the Monster with New Skin and Old Fears

May 10, 2017 admin 0


Director Ridley Scott did not complicate his life by assuming his return to the saga of ‘Alien’. After the tepid reaction in his earlier production ‘Prometheus’, Scott decided to retake the universe of tension and horror with elements of science fiction in ‘Alien Covenant’: a new twist in that idea of  an uninvited being Which makes life impossible for a ship’s crew and symbolically exposes conflicts of power, corruption and betrayal, elements that do not lose prominence in human nature.

An intense risk for the filmmaker, knowing the great expectations that has generated this cycle of films, which in turn have dealt with irregular peaks of popularity. After the dramatic impact and redefinition of the space thriller ‘Alien, the eighth passenger’ became an instant classic not only by the dark spaces of a ship and the extreme monstrosity of a dangerous being, created by the Swiss artist HR Giger, but because the film put in a more overwhelming context the well-known theme of the struggle for survival, represented in the famous Lieutenant Ripley (Sigourney Weaver): an incombustible warrior facing cobwebs full of intrigue and lies.

The emotion of criticism and the content cry of the millions of fans who attracted the film at the time triggered ‘Aliens: the return’, a second part of the hand of the director James Cameron, Which did not disappoint and projected a little more visual spectacular to that feeling of fear that left its audience marked. On that occasion Ripley repeated and again the confrontation was amplified exponentially on the screen.


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The Best Films of 2016 – Top Ten Review

March 28, 2017 admin 0


We will all remember bitterness in 2016 given the innumerable reasons it has given us to repudiate it, but the film industry continues to raise its numbers so that we can compensate in our day to day. Yes, because cinema is the best possible revenge against life.

Our archetypal 120 minutes of entertainment in which we will be superheroes, we will live under our own rules at the margin of society or we will be astonished before the arrival of extraterrestrial life to the Earth; Among many other cinematographic aspects that have splashed us during this year. Without further delay and with the Spanish release dates in mind, here’s my list with the best movies I’ve seen in 2016 :

  • The Green Room, by Jeremy Saulnier .
  • Captain Fantastic by Matt Ross .
  • Arrival (The Arrival) of Denis Villeneuve .
  • Kubo and the two magic strings , by Travis Knight .
  • Deadpool by Tim Miller .
  • Zootropolis (Zootopia), by Byron Howard , Rich Moore and Jared Bush .
  • Do not breathe (Do not Breathe), by Fede Álvarez .
  • Lobster (The Lobster), by Yorgos Lanthimos .
  • The Witch by Robert Eggers .
  • Train to Busan , by Yeon Sang-ho .

Loaded with the appropriate doses of subjectivity, we are going to shed a little the choices of a list that I have tried to summarize the best of the year in the most heterogeneous way possible. To decide between only ten films has been really complicated, especially when a server considers that it has not been a great year for what the film production is concerned.

In spite of everything, we have had interesting bursts of fresh air that allow me to believe that it has been a remarkable year: from the magnificent economy of planes with which Jeremy Saulnier catches us in The Green Room, until the new bet Korean version of Train to Busan which shows that the zombie genre is still spinning.

Captain Fantastic

The most difficult , however, has been placing Captain Fantastic in second position. As is the tonic on my list, the breath of fresh air with the exquisite performance of Viggo Mortensen and company has been one of the films that have filled me the most in recent years.

A story with an emotional force that starts from a premise somewhat stale to give a new interpretation, A reflection that invites the spectators to discover for themselves, without any kind of imposition, what is right and what is wrong. And that is his main success: to objectify a way of life that, in bad hands, would have been little more than an absurd enaltecimiento.

Best comedy films of 2016: Deadpool, Ave Cesar! 

In order not to extend myself to satiety, I will say Deadpool has been to the genre of superheroes what Nirvana to Rock in its time – saving the differences, obvious -, although Masacre and the original story of Joe Kelly would have given for a movie yet Rounder; And that Langosta is one of the most peculiar tapes of the year, with a striking critique of social stereotypes to which you can not fail to give an opportunity.

I’ll stay, however, if I had the chance to get my hands on Until the Last Man ( Hacksaw Ridge) , the last of Mel Gibson , and Night Owls , who could have earned a spot on my list.

Train to Busan

The biggest disappointment of 2016 Vaiana (Moana) , without a doubt, has been one of the premieres of the year that have disappointed me the most. This is not a bad movie per se ; The problem has been expectations. The first trailers made me feel like a child, but the end result – always in the opinion of a server – was simply focused as a childlike fun more that will pass without pain or glory. It is precisely this dichotomy in which Disney has moved, that of the message for adults and entertainment for the children, which I have missed in Vaiana .


I applaud the decision to flee the crowns, the castles, and the blue prince whom the princess should expect to sit in, just like the impressive advances in studio animation. But the film has important lack of rhythm with songs that, saving only two of them, are limited to zancadillearla. Needless to say, it has the little charisma of its … villains? Too far I have Hades , Shan Yu , Scar or Maleficent – yes, I’m made a nostalgic of aupa -. Do not get me wrong, Vaiana is a correct movie that serves your purpose … on your first pass.

Unfortunately, I very much doubt that the film will last with the same intensity in the coming years as Frozen has , the eternal comparison.

The most anticipated of 2017

The video speaks for itself, but it’s worth remembering. The superhero genre gets my share of hype with Logan , Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Justice League . I would especially emphasize Logan , that for more than one of the followers of the character we will feel how something dies inside if we do not see Hugh Jackman anymore in one of his most iconic roles: the mythical Wolverine.


Star Wars Episode VIII will be another great release of the year, of which I will be especially attentive as a good fan of the saga and in which, I hope, the new trilogy takes a new look that justifies the little risk taken by JJ Abrams in El Despertar Of the Force . And, please, that somebody glue the helmet to Kylo Ren to him and that the haste does not return to catch the natural rhythm of learning of Rey .

Kingsman 2 to begin filming in April 2016

Finally, I can not go without mentioning the expected sequel Kingsman , LEGO Batman and Blade Runner 2049 , in a year that, hopefully, is better than the previous but a little below the next.



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‘The Day of the Attack’: a Look at the Heroes of Boston

February 27, 2017 admin 0


It was 2:50 pm Official reports indicate that at that time it had been two hours since the winner of the 2013 Boston marathon crossed the finish line and it was about five more before the last participant arrived.

But at that hour, time stopped: two explosions, 20 seconds apart, made the bleachers crowded with crowds, screams, blood and confusion. “When you go to a marathon you know that there will be people of all ages: elders, children, mothers and fathers who are going to give support to their loved ones in the competition. It is an occasion of joy. People do not expect something like this to happen, “commented Mark Wahlberg, star of the movie” The Day of the Attack “, which is inspired by that day of mourning for American society. The film can already be seen in cinemas in the country.

The explosions of 15 April 2013 in Boston left three fatalities and 264 people injured, several of them considered. Patriots Day, as it is titled in English the film, follows in parallel form the persecution of the authorities to the terrorists and the histories of some of the survivors.

“‘The day of the attack’ is a production about the heroism of civilians, strength and resilience against evil. It was a story that we have , “says Peter Berg, who directed the film in which he shares for the third time with Wahlberg, after ‘Survivor’ ( ‘The Lone Survivor’) and ‘Deep Horizon’ ( ‘Deepwater Horizon’ ) .


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Emma Stone, the Favorite to Win the Award for Best Actress

November 12, 2016 admin 0


Emma Stone’s laughter has as much or more personality than the presence of Emma Stone herself. His laughter is vibrant and strong, and his rough, somewhat hoarse voice makes his laughter sound more strident and contagious in a room at the Intercontinental Hotel at the Toronto Film Festival. Here she is queen because her last film, the endearing musical ‘La La Land’, by the precocious Demien Chazelle (‘Whiplash’), is the favorite of the whole world and because she looks like Mia, an aspiring actress who must distribute His life in a job behind the cafeteria inn on the lot of Warner Studios and his dreams of being famous.

And Stone smiles and laughs loud because, about the scenes of ‘La La Land’ , where we see Mia failing again and again in castings with no result whatsoever, she, the 28-year-old actress, remembers behind her Green eyes their own failures in sterile chamber tests. Moments as uncomfortable as those seen in ‘La La Land’, with her betting everything in two minutes of lines of a bad libretto, but without having neither the attention nor the feedback of the managers.

Many rare castings in your career

“Oh, there was a pair! I do not know, sometimes the casting manager could behave a little strange. Or maybe the times that were the most painful for me was when I was superprepared and excited, and they barely looked at me or gave me a minute, telling me as they looked at their papers, That I could go. A bit like that scene when everyone is staring at Mia intensely and is ready and excited, but a cell phone rings and the man in charge says: Okay, we do not need to see more. It’s so disheartening, because you feel like they did not see you, that you did not get a chance … “.


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Jack Nicholson, the Irreverent Hollywood Smile

August 12, 2016 admin 0


Winner of three Academy Awards, and the most nominated actor in history with 12 nominations, Jack Nicholson is acclaimed as the best Hollywood actor of his generation, thanks to mythical characters like Jack Torrance in ‘The Shining’; McMurphy in the movie ‘Caught Dead’; The compulsive obsessive of ‘Best impossible’; Or the famous Guas n of the first adaptation to the cinema of Batman.

With his inseparable sunglasses and his eternal smile, he turns 80 after a long period away from movies, rumors about his health and speculation about his retirement, letting himself be seen on occasion, as in the Los Angeles Lakers games at Staples Center. His last film, ‘How do you Know’, premiered in 2010 and, earlier this year, his partner in ‘Easy Rider’ Peter Fonda said that the actor, director, producer and screenwriter was retired. However, Nicholson will return to star in the adaptation of the German film ‘Toni Erdmann’, the best European film of 2016 and Oscar nominee for the best non-English film, and Ridley Scott wants it for his next project, ‘All the Money in the World ‘.

The biography of the actor published by Marc Eliot made it clear that, if Nicholson’s career has been spectacular, his personal life has not been less intense, from his experiences with drugs to his stormy sentimental relationships, such as he held for more than 15 Years with the actress Anjelica Huston.

The young man from the scraps

John Joseph Nicholson (April 22, 1937, Neptune City, New Jersey) did not learn to act by seeing Marlon Brando, his first idol, or studying the Stanislavski method. He learned from his mother … from whom he did not know the truth until he was an adult. The actor grew up believing that his mother was Ethel, who was actually her grandmother, and her biological mother was June, whom her older sister believed. She became pregnant at age 16, and after the father abandoned them, the family wanted to hide it.

He arrived in California as a teenager and at school was noted for his sly comments. In 1955 he worked in the animation department of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, where he arranged the email of fans of Tom and Jerry alphabetically and, in addition to the salary of $ 30 a week, managed to enter the world of entertainment.


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The Forgotten of the Oscar / Seventh Art

November 10, 2015 admin 0


Each year the story is repeated: in parallel with the list of Oscar nominees is the list of those who were ignored by the Hollywood Academy. The injustices and omissions accumulated throughout the decades would give to a parallel Oscar, as much or more valuable than the official one. Hitchcock, Chaplin, Orson Welles, or Cary Grant are artists who did not receive genuine recognition for their work at the time, or were awarded late as honorary awards.

This year saw the exclusion of Pixar’s ‘Seeking Dory’ – heavyweight and a box office hit – in the best animated feature category , while Disney Animation Studios placed two of its films in the competition. On the side of documentaries, everyone was surprised to see no nomination for ‘Weiner’ (2016) by Josh Kriegman and Elyse  Steinberg, apparently displaced by documentaries on the subject of race, a factor that weighed heavily this year in almost all Categories.

It’s a shame to know that such a failed film as Morten Tyldum’s ‘Passengers’ has more nominations than Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’. It is amazing that this film did not impress the Academy, which relegated it scarcely to dispute the prize for best photography. Is ‘Hidden Talents’ better than ‘Silent’? Never in this life. And something similar could be said of other films that were not considered for the Oscar for best film like ‘Sully’, ‘nocturnal Animals’, ‘Loving’ or ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ by Ang Lee.

We all miss that Amy Adams – with two great roles in ‘The Arrival’ and ‘Night Animals’ – was not taken into account, but the same thing happened to Annette Bening for ’20th Century Women’. It seems like an obligation to include Meryl Streep for everything she does, and that reduces the number of possibilities for the other actresses. And on the side of the actors, the missing was Tom Hanks by ‘Sully’ , so it does not look like, 16 years ago does not receive a nomination. Anything else

Yes, of course: ‘Neruda’ and ‘Elle’ as best foreign films. We’ll all miss it tonight. We all miss that Amy Adams – with two great roles in ‘The Arrival’ and ‘Night Animals’ – was not taken into account, but the same thing happened to Annette Bening for ’20th Century Women’. It seems like an obligation to include Meryl Streep for everything she does, and that reduces the number of possibilities for the other actresses


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The Benefits of the Criticized Art of Being Single

March 10, 2015 admin 0


What do the actresses have in common with Edie Falco, known for her role in the series ‘The Sopranos’, and Kim Cattrall, one of the protagonists of ‘Sex and the City’, with the famous singer and songwriter Lady Gaga

They are three ‘singles’ celebrities whose opinions and way of life invite them to make a free thought about singleton and give it a new look, according to the doctor in psychology Bella DePaulo. Singles can have more psychological benefits than being married, something about which there are some examples and testimonies among celebrities, according to this scientist, who is one of the greatest experts on this subject worldwide and author of the book ‘Singled Out ‘In which he talks about how’ singles are stereotyped,

stigmatized and ignored and yet live happily ever after ‘and the’ Living Single ‘column of Psychology Today magazine. In addition to ‘Singled Out’, DePaulo has written ‘The Best of Single Life’, which have been translated into Spanish in electronic format, with the titles of ‘Singles Out’ and ‘Best of Being Single’, respectively. “I have realized that over the years I have often used words and facts related to public figures as a starting point for my analysis of the place of marriage and single life in contemporary society “Says De Paulo.

Kim Kardashian, Whoopi Golberg, Patricia Arquette, Taylor Swift; Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Barack and Michelle Obama; Bill Gates, Monica Lewinsky, Al Gore, Larry

King, Sonia Sotomayor and Theresa May, as well as Kate Middleton, Prince William and the Pope are some of the great personalities who have been quoted in their articles.